Client Services

Temp-to-Perm, Supplemental Staffing and Consulting Engagements

Temp-to-Perm, Supplemental Staffing and Consulting engagements are an excellent option for client organizations to quickly augment their staff while evenly allocating the service fee over a three to six month period. This ensures that the selected candidate is the right match for your organization or a contract position. During that period we are the employer of record responsible for payroll, taxes and W2’s. We have the ability to staff highly cleared professionals as well to ensure they have adequate medical insurance programs.

Significant advantages of Temp-to-Perm, Supplemental and Consulting engagements include:

  • We will execute a signed contract reflecting the terms and conditions of the assignment.
  • We will immediately access our extensive in-house database to identify qualified candidates.
  • We will pre-screen and interview prospective candidates.
  • We will coordinate candidate interviews with your organization. Please note, any long distance travel will be borne by the client.
  • Once you've selected the candidate, we will hire the candidate and they will work for you, under your supervision, at your facility, but on our payroll.
  • We will invoice you weekly, biweekly or monthly for their services. The invoice amount will include an hourly cost for the employee including labor, benefits and a pro-rata share of the contingency service fee.
  • You may terminate the Temp-to-Perm, Supplemental staff or Consultant at any time.
  • At the conclusion of the Temp-to-Perm period, we coordinate the employee's transition from our payroll to your payroll.