Client Services

Project Outsourcing

At FCR we understand how to fill large numbers of positions with similar candidates, as an example, hiring an entire sales team so you can feel confident about outsourcing your staffing projects to us. Whether you require 50 sales representatives to open a regional market or 500 service representatives to roll out a new product nationally, FCR will meet your specific needs. The first thing we do is appoint a Client Services Project Manager to lead the team and then we assemble a team of recruiters from our affiliation with MR offices nationally or internationally based on the client services process outlined below:

The Client Services Process

Assessment. We begin the staffing project with an assessment of your company to get an overall picture of your corporate culture, business objectives, industry profile, key competitors, and short- and long-term needs.

Review and Improvement. We review your hiring process—how you interview and package and extend employment offers. Jointly we determine the most efficient process to identify, qualify and submit those candidates that meet the requirements.

Profile Development. The FCR Client Services Project Manager develops a profile that identifies your strategic goals, your ideal candidate, the number of openings and other details. This information is then delivered to our project team.

Proposal. Next, we prepare a proposal that outlines time frames, goals, metrics, compensation, changes in your recruitment process and additional staffing solutions.

Implementation. We will partner with the world’s largest recruitment network to find the right candidates and quickly fulfill your assignment. We are staffing and consulting professionals who are dedicated to finding and securing the best candidates in your industry.

Follow-up. Throughout all phases of the process, your Client Services Project Manager keeps you apprised of deadlines, goals and progress and helps you fine-tune your hiring process and on-board the new employees.

Federal Consulting Resources, LLC—Your Outsourcing Partner
By outsourcing major staffing assignments to us, you can concentrate on your core competencies and allow our recruiting professionals to deliver the staffing results your business requires.