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Statement of Qualifications

FCR was formed with the objective of creating a knowledgeable, ethical and highly responsive staffing and consulting firm that specializes in placing world-class talent within the Federal Integration and Government Services arena. At FCR we focus on the placement of Executive and General Managers including Practice Directors, Program and Project Managers; Business Development and Sales Leaders; Contracts, Subcontracts and Pricing Professionals; Finance and Accounting Professionals and Engineers, Information Technologists and Information Systems Professionals.

Over the past few years our business has expanded from a contingency search based recruiting model, to one that includes retained and engaged searches as well as significant contract and supplemental staffing. We pride ourselves on delivering the right service for our clients!

Industry and Functional Specializations

FCR provides staffing and consulting services to a world-wide community of Federal Integration and Government Services companies. Within that community we place:

  • General and executive managers including vice presidents at the executive and senior level; chief technical, administrative and information officers; and Chief Financial Officers. These searches are performed under Engaged or Retained agreements.
  • Director and senior manager candidates in business development, sales, marketing, capture management and proposal management; These include Technical sales executives specializing in professional, consulting and IT services as well as those that market hardware and software products;
  • Contract and pricing professionals at the director, manager and senior level;
  • Finance and accounting professionals at the director, manager and senior level;
  • Engineers, Information Technologist and Information Systems professionals;

Our experienced team recognizes that each staffing assignment has a unique set of challenges and rewards. To answer the increasingly wide range of demands, we have at our fingertips a complete portfolio of staffing tools including:

  1. Project teams dedicated to fulfilling complex or multiple staffing assignments. Our clients interact with one contact, a project manager, who oversees the fulfillment team, organizes all behind-the-scenes recruiting activity and delivers timely reports on the team's progress.
  2. An in-house database with over 16,000 resumes many of which have been interviewed by a member of our team.
  3. Access to advanced Internet and Intranet sites and methodologies.
  4. Access to a nationwide relocation service. This is a truly a value-added service for our clients because we can provide candidates with cost-of-living analysis, home-finding assistance, mortgage services, and provide you, our client, with significant savings on relocation expenses.

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Recruitment Services

FCR offers our clients four types of recruiting services: Retained, Engaged, Contingency and Temp-to-Perm/Consulting. Each service is described below.

Retained Searches receive our highest priority and are best for very senior-level staffing needs. This is how it works: We negotiate a fee agreement with you based upon the anticipated total compensation of the executive. We require a 30% non-refundable deposit of the total fee to initiate the search. We receive a second installment of 30% of the fee upon presentation of a short list of three candidates and the balance of our fee is due 30 days after the candidate’s start date. We have exclusivity on this search until filled and will be paid for any candidate hired regardless of its source. This is the highest priority search that our office conducts.

Engaged Searches are best utilized for high-visibility positions or those "tough-to-fills." This is how it works: We negotiate a fee agreement and you provide an up-front commitment of $7,500.00 for us to begin the search. Given your commitment, we guarantee to provide at least two fully qualified candidates to you within 45 days of the receipt of the commitment. We give each other exclusivity on this search for two months – our candidates will only be presented to you and we will be the only agency conducting the search. We invoice the difference between the total fee and the up-front payment upon written acceptance of the job.

As part of our service for Retained and Engaged Searches, we conduct detailed interviews and provide a complete due diligence package which contains a signed candidate consent form, degree(s) verification and references.

Contingency Searches are an option best used for less urgent placements. We negotiate a fee agreement and our service fee is payable only when you hire our candidate for any opening that your firm might have. We invoice upon written acceptance and the replacement warranty is predicated on receipt of our fee within 30 days from date of invoice. So that we're clear, we place the same priority on our client's contingency search as they do. If it is a priority to you, it is a priority to us!

Temp-to-Perm, Supplemental and Consulting Assignments are excellent options for many of our clients. Benefits include:

  • Getting candidates started quickly,
  • It's a great way to "Audition Talent",
  • It ensures the right match for your position and organizational culture,
  • It provides an alternative to hiring freezes or tight budgets, and
  • It's perfect for short-term assignment, sabbaticals or to cover extended absences.

Temp-to-perm, supplemental and consulting assignments have the added benefit of incorporating our service fee into a bill rate that won't adversely affect your Overhead or G&A rates. This is how our service works: Once you approve the candidate and we agree on the bill rate, you issue a Purchase Order (PO) to our contract staffing firm and we use several such firms based upon the security clearance needs of the client. Our Contract Staffing Firm pays the candidate, pay their taxes, issue W2's and invoice you against the PO.

While the relationship is between FCR, LLC and our client, the candidate works for you at your location under your supervision. You approve their weekly timecards which are passed through us to our back-office partner. We monitor and report to you all hours billed and any other approved charges like travel. Many of these assignments are three to six months, but we've had several go for one year or more.

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Recruitment Methodology

At FCR we have a well defined recruitment methodology. We use a variety of techniques to identify, qualify and recruit the world-class talent our clients expect. Before we initiate a search we develop a written staffing plan which sets forth a detailed job description, identifies the specific job and compensation requirements and it defines the hiring process. We have also learned that the staffing plan helps us to understand your culture and leads directly to the overall success of the search.

We use our staffing plan as a baseline to search an extensive in-house candidate database, and we also go directly into the marketplace to isolate and extract “world-class” talent from companies in the targeted niche. This later activity is often a delicate process, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that we have targeted the proper mix of corporations and to ensure that we have not violated sub-contracting or teaming arrangements. We also utilize a number of Internet search techniques in the conduct of our business. The development of a sound staffing plan, coupled with a blend of direct and indirect recruiting and hard work has been the cornerstone of our success!

We use a four-step process to identify, qualify, interview, submit and close candidates. In step one, we identify potential candidates targeting specific firms as well as using our in-house data base and extensive knowledge of the market place to develop a call plan. In step two, we qualify the candidates by scoring them against our staffing plan. Additional candidates are often identified in this process and they are scored as well. We priority rank the top candidates and schedule them for in-depth interviews.

Step three finds us conducting the in-depth interviews which focus on the candidates most recent positions. For each we discuss their achievements, salary history, and why they changed positions; their academic achievements; and their goals, strengths, weaknesses, management capacity and other key metrics. We priority rank the top candidates and introduce them to our clients using a detailed description coupled with a current copy of their resume.

We prepare our candidates to meet with our clients and we debrief them after each meeting. During this step it is our intention to act as a conduit of information between the client and candidate so that a decision can be reached quickly and efficiently.

Step Four - Closing the Candidate: FCR provides continuous assistance to our client throughout the hiring process. Most notably, we work with you to "close" the candidate. This can be a delicate process and we take great pride on our success rate. This is especially important during the resignation process because world-class talent is in short supply and the candidates are subject to aggressive counter offers. We focus on counter offers throughout the interview process and are particularly diligent during the resignation and termination process. In short, to the best of our abilities - we deliver our candidates!

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Federal Consulting Resources, LLC has excellent references. Please contact Eric Beebe at 240-631-7730 or Eric@fed-consulting.com to learn more.

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To learn more about how FCR, LLC can help you, contact me:

Eric S. Beebe, President & General Manager
Federal Consulting Resources, LLC
Phone: 240-631-7730
Email: Eric@fed-consulting.com

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